Monday, December 30, 2013


Underwear and socks are things we not only wear, but change every day. That being the case, we need to have a good supply of these items on hand at any given time to meet our needs. They are an essential part of our dress, yet when properly worn they are not noticeable, (except in the case of those ridiculous individuals who wear their pants on their butts). Given the low visibility of these items and their frequent use, it makes absolutely no sense to throw away money on designer brands, unless there is actually some qualitative difference. Even then they will go through the same wash cycle as everything else and will become indistinguishable. It is far more sensible to use the same money to buy more of these items, and in turn, to dispose of them more frequently as they become worn, stained, or shrunk.  Just add them to the rag pile. With underwear especially, any of the ordinary brands, such as Fruit-of-the-Loom, Jockey, or Hanes, that are sold in packages are adequate, and since they are available so inexpensively, there is far less angst in disposing of them.
Socks should be chosen to complement the outfit you are wearing, especially the pants. If the pants are black you should wear black socks, brown brown socks, and so on. A very subdued pattern is okay, but loud socks just don’t go with the classic look. The socks should be long enough to prevent any flesh from showing to avoid looking tacky. If the socks are noticeably tight around the calves, or leave significant indentations when taken off it is time to dispose of them. Cotton is the best material for socks since it “breathes,” but a cotton blends also works. Avoid exotic materials such as silk for socks because they will age badly. For that matter, any socks that can’t be tossed into the wash will just waste your time. 
Cotton is also the best material for underwear. You have a variety of underpants types to choose from, and you should go with what gives you the greatest comfort above any other considerations. While most underwear is white, subdued colors also work well in underpants as they are more forgiving of stains, unless of course, you are wearing white pants. If underpants are no longer comfortable, i.e. due to shrinkage, toss them, otherwise you will be miserable all day. 
Undershirts come in three basic types: the crew neck, V-neck, and the A-shirt. The latter is basically useless as an undershirt since your underarms aren’t covered. If you don’t frequently wear ties, the majority of your undershirts should be V-necks. These are less likely to show under a shirt with the top button(s) unattached. An exposed undershirt seriously detracts from your appearance and should be avoided. Towards that end buy the deepest V you can find. The only time to wear a crew neck with a casual outfit is if it is colored and harmonizes with your shirt. On the other hand, when you wear a shirt and tie, a crew neck works best because it doesn’t show through your shirt, especially if the shirt is white or a light color. Any other kind of undershirt is likely to show and spoil your appearance. 
The basic rules for undergarments are that they don’t show, and that they fit comfortably. In addition, they should be inexpensive and not carry a pointless “designer” premium so that they can be replaced and recycled frequently. This will enhance your appearance and comfort, while also providing you with some lint-free rags on the many occasions when they are needed around the house. 

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